"Brazen Resilience" Round 2 | Season 8

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"Not Your Typical Gun Hunting Video!"

Every do-it-yourself hunter knows what it’s like to climb the hills and log the miles in search of elusive whitetails. Having “Brazen Resilience” is essential for success, especially when facing adversity.

Round 2 of “Brazen Resilience” is packed with deer drives, camaraderie, and setbacks!
Having a great time is what our gun hunting adventures are all about. Let’s face it, public land hunting can be challenging and it’s easy to get discouraged after putting on the miles and coming up short but if you’re having a good time it’s a lot easier to get back out there the next day.

In this installment the crew journeys to the Mountains of Idaho, the Woods of Wisconsin, the Hills of Minnesota, the Prairies of Kansas, and the Draws of Nebraska. As always the raw and real truth of what actually occurred is depicted.

Special thanks to all our loyal supporters who have embraced Whitetail Adrenaline. This sponsor free production would not exist without you. We hope you enjoy,

- Jared Scheffler & The Crew

© 2014 Whitetail Adrenaline LLC, All Rights Reserved. 165 minutes

This production was directed and produced for the people, sport, and future of hunting, representing the story lines of common hunters. Whitetail Adrenaline is a sponsor free company and does not endorse or promote any company, product or organization, the company is supported solely by the people. The footage within this feature is not found on TV anywhere. The characters presented are not professionals. This feature was intentionally directed as such.