About Whitetail Adrenaline

JARED SCHEFFLER'S passion towards producing unscripted reality features that relate to hard working everyday people is firmly grounding his company, Whitetail Adrenaline, as the most broadly relatable and real life hunting stories available today.

Jared believes viewers have grown tired of customary productions. "Every day people have been asking for something that's real for quite some time. They want to watch something they can relate with, something that encompasses actual life experiences, facing true challenges and failures," says Jared. "And that's exactly what we give them. The general public wants truth and relatability. They don't want to watch perfect hunts and they don't want to watch 'big farm' hunting that's unattainable to them. The viewers are not critics; they are regular people simply expressing their desire for something they can truly relate with. What we try and do is produce the most real hunting videos ever produced. Authentically capturing the truth of the events unfolded whether good or bad and hunting in settings the everyday common person can also hunt. Any land legally open for Public Hunting."

Founded in 2006, Whitetail Adrenaline made its debut with "The Preliminary Run" which proved to be a great success with an aggressive, do-it-yourself, no guides, no outfitters approach. The feature to follow in 2008, "Scratchin' the Surface" launched the all public land adventure series which affirmed that hunting public land can truly be a challenge. 7 year's and 9 All Public Land DVD's later has yielded the most comprehensive collection of Public Land whitetail hunting video's ever produced. It's not just about Public Land though. The video series is full of highs and lows showing all the failures and what the everyday do-it-yourself hunter goes through in a hunting season. Everything filmed is captured on the fly, there is no script and there is no staged scenes which gives the video series the authentic feel people crave.

The most unique aspect of Whitetail Adrenaline is that it's always been 100% funded by the people. It's always been a sponsor free company. What does that mean for you? No commercials, no advertisements, and no altering of the production or tampering with the truth. Keeping the production sponsor free simply allows the video's to be shown exactly how it happens. This creates an overall higher enjoyment for the viewer.

Jared's entertainment, adventure style, unscripted reality features are hosted by a small crew of hard working American's who wake up to regular jobs every day, just like so many hard working people abroad.

THE CREW | Everyday Common People

The characters are comprised of a small group of everyday common people. These individuals are not intended to be viewed as professionals. The crew's true and real personalities are fully intact and are captured as such. The truth of the events that unfold are never twisted or changed to glorify the person being filmed. These are everyday common people that make mistakes as all humans have. These are not "perfect" people that make the right decisions every time.

JIM SCHEFFLER | Professional Land Surveyor


Also known by many as the "entertainer", Jim has a unique and natural born way of holding an audience's attention.

Perhaps it's the unmistakable, knee busting buck fever that comes over the man with just the sight of a shooter. His imagination runs wild and as a cameraman or viewer you never know what's about to happen while Jim's in the viewfinder. When he's off in "jimmy world" you will know it, you will humor it, and you will shake your head saying where does this guy come up with stuff like that.

The side of Jim you may not see very often is his unbelievable ability of knowing which new public to hunt, and which not too by just a simple drive-by or brief aerial scan. He can ditch his plan at a moment's notice, find a new plan that will work, and never look back. Of coarse his biggest battle still comes when the moment of truth arises and he's shaking like a 1920's Model T doing 60 down a gravel road.

Residing in Eau Claire, Wi aside from whitetail hunting James first passion is his career in Land Surveying. Launching his own survey business in 2009 http://schefflersurveying.com/ and also employed by Eau Claire county in the same line of work, Jim has an extensive background in land surveying, which on the hunting side of things comes in very handy in finding new public lands and any program lands open for public hunting.

MATT ADAMS | Survey Crew Chief

An all-American hunter and in hunter terms there is probably no way to describe Adams better than a bonafied "meat hunter".

Capitalizing on the first ever, not knowing the animal was there, jump shot buck for Whitetail Adrenaline in "Scratchin the Surafce" and again in "Out of Bullets". If there's a tough shot at a running deer there's probably nobody better on the crew for that task than Adams.

He's a blue jean wearing, deer slaying, dragging machine. He'll have a grill, coals, and fresh meat on hand for a roadside grill out after a deer drive with a few cold ones ready after the day is done. Not afraid to get dirty when dirty calls, bloody when bloody calls, and a deer driver when driving calls. A camera should be on Matt at all times and ready because camera rolling or not he's shooting when the time arises, and that's just the way we like it.

He'll tell the crew what he thinks regardless of whether they agree with him, and whether they like it, or not. There's no reading between the lines with Matt which keeps the crew clear as to where he stands. Competent in what he does, what he's about to do, and what the outcome will be.

Established in Chippewa Falls, Wi Adams is an overtime working survey crew chief who monitors road and bridge construction in the western Wisconsin area.

AL LaPean | Iron Worker

Perhaps there is no way to describe LaPean better than an all-out "warrior".

There better be a plan collaborated or you'll be wasting a valuable resource of energy and aggressiveness. He carries with him a never say die motivation of spirit and enthusiasm.

LaPean relies on a challenge, he's a modern day workhorse, never quitting until the job is finished, and always packing an a+ attitude. If there's an adventure that's going to require work it's like pleasure in the eyes of LaPean.  He display’s a unique craft of humor, humbleness, and never trying to place himself before the crew.

Always game for whatever is on the agenda with a tactful way of telling you what he thinks. He'll share his thoughts on the approach of each new adventure but in the end be satisfied with whatever is decided upon. If there's a 3rd wheel needed where a camera may not be rolling he's the guy that will whole heartedly step up with an iron clad assurance that he'll do his best for the crew.

Located in Menomonie, Wi LaPean is an iron worker by trade, and works in the steel erection industry. On a hot summer day you will find him high in the sky pounding steel pins and welding the beams of bridges, skyscrapers, and massive steel buildings.

SCOTT MESKA | Sporting Goods Sales

There is but one word which comes to mind that describes Meska and that is "trooper".

He found his place as part of the crew in 2009 because of one sole reason, what individual buys a tag for a state he's never been to, and with a public land map in hand puts on 2000 miles scouring the state while never spending a night in a motel, but rather putting the seat back each night? That would be Meska.

A lever action, pump rifle owning kind of fella, Meska is always up for any new adventure that may arise. A jolly character who's perpetually pulling pranks, cracking jokes, and poking the bear. Keep your good eye out because if he can pull a good one on you, he will, and he goes about it in an inconspicuous way of which you'll never see it coming.

Always in a great mood, Scott is certainly the easy going one of the crew who takes life in stride while still upholding the tenacious style of which the crew embraces. If he's headed to North Dakota in December he'll be toting a tow strap, snow chains, and from now on probably a torch as you'll see in the "Out of Bullets" feature.

Abiding in Eau Claire, Wi Meska works at a large sporting goods retailer.