"The Reckoning" Round 1 | Season 7

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"Some of the Most Compelling Whitetail Bow-Hunts Ever Filmed!"

We’ve all been there as hunters. We’ve had those days; we’ve had those past seasons where the deer have gotten the best of us, and we walk away feeling defeated. Then comes that day, that season, where the tables turn.

Round 1 of “The Reckoning” is about overcoming those setbacks. It’s about pressing on through adversity and never giving up. It’s about reaping the reward of the effort put forth. If it weren’t for those struggles and roadblocks there wouldn't be the gratification and reckoning. Coming your way are the stories of our bow season with the lowest of low points, highest of highs, and ultimately our best bow hunting footage ever.

The adventures run rampant from a boat hunt, to several long stalks and close shots. There’s incredibly captured rare footage of pursuing big deer on foot with a decoy and crawling through dirt to sneak in on big bucks. This is whitetail hunting like you’ve never seen it captured before.

As always the truth and reality of what really happened is shown to you. Special thanks to all the great supporters and stores who have loyally embraced Whitetail Adrenaline. This sponsor free production would not exist without you.

- Jared Scheffler & The Crew

© 2013 Whitetail Adrenaline LLC, All Rights Reserved. 206 minutes

This production was directed and produced for the people, sport, and future of hunting, representing the story lines of common hunters. Whitetail Adrenaline is a sponsor free company and does not endorse or promote any company, product or organization, the company is supported solely by the people. The footage within this feature is not found on TV anywhere. The characters presented are not professionals. This feature was intentionally directed as such.