"Droppin' the Hammer" | Season 5

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“It’s some of the Most Aggressive Hunting we've ever filmed”

Hold on for another action-packed, roller-coaster ride with “DROPPIN’ THE HAMMER”!

It’s a game of cat & mouse, never knowing what’s around the next corner. It’s a journey with the reality of highs & lows that come with taking on a difficult hunting style. It’s an accurate depiction of hunting and how it truly happened with an added touch of humor.

Special thanks to all the individuals and stores for your loyal support each year!

© 2011 Whitetail Adrenaline LLC, All Rights Reserved. 155 minutes

This production was directed and produced for the people, sport, and future of hunting, representing the story lines of common hunters. Whitetail Adrenaline is a sponsor free company and does not endorse or promote any company, product or organization, the company is supported solely by the people. The footage within this feature is not found on TV anywhere. The characters presented are not professionals. This feature was intentionally directed as such.