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7 Feature Movies | 14.8hrs watch time | Mostly Public | Little Door Knocking | UnScripted | Real As We Could Film It | Produced to a very high quality while preserving the authenticity of the actual events that took place. 

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It's been a long grueling ride to the finish line but the UnCuffed movies arrived tonight Dec. 13th. I want to thank each and everyone of you that continued to loyally support me, my company, and the crew throughout. We can't wait to get them in your hands! It's been far too long! We are thrilled to begin shipping tomorrow Dec. 14th!!! I will be there helping to get them to you as fast as we can!

- jared


"Our Best Public Land Season Yet! With a Sniff of Door Knockin"

What to expect from Season 14: 

A VannnLoad of Spot and Stalk Action. Stacked full of Laughs, JImmy-Bucks, Mega-Giants, Vehicle Breakdowns....amongst other things.  The same Authentic Unscripted Adventure you expect with a twist.  UnCuffed is packed with several more animals than the cover would fit.  Plain and simple, this is our best season yet!

How Uncuffed came to be:

It was a gloomy day in 2017 during "The Ride" season when Chancy suggested the UnCuffed idea. 

"Some of these situations we should be door knockin".  A few years later and we realized it was time.  With the growth of popularity of public land crawling and brawling the pressure increased.  We wanted to show you a new aspect of the DIY hunt.  Plus who doesn't want to see Chancy knocking on a door after he saw a Mega-Giant? As always the raw and real truth of what actually happened is showcased. This was our best season yet and it wouldn't have happened without your support.  Thank you for sticking with us for 16 years, we hope you enjoy it!

Jared Scheffler and The Crew