"RESURGENCE" Round 1 | Season 13

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"RESURGENCE" Round 1 | All Public Land* Spot & Stalk Bow Edition

Run Time: 5 1/2  Hours | 3 Disc (2 Disc Main Feature/1 Extras Disc that features around a dozen stalks).

"Loaded with Tons of Stalks, Encounters and Great Storylines!”

For the DIY hunter some seasons are better than others. The adventure and struggle of public land hunting is a double-edged sword but it’s a beautiful thing when the stars align. For the crew this was one hell of a great season.

Round 1 of “Resurgence” features tons of stalks, action, and many incredible stories!
For the 10th straight season of chasing whitetails exclusively at ground zero it was a fantastic one! The action involving public land big bucks may have hit an all time high for the crew with this season!

As always, the raw and real truth of what actually occurred is showcased.
We Appreciate Your Support and Hope You Enjoy,

- Jared Scheffler and The Crew


Approx Run Time: 326 minutes
*Private land was used for game retrieval.


This production was directed and produced for the people, sport, and future of hunting, representing the story lines of common hunters. Whitetail Adrenaline is a sponsor free company and does not endorse or promote any company, product or organization, the company is supported solely by the people. The footage within this feature is not found on TV anywhere. The characters presented are not professionals. This feature was intentionally directed as such.