"THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY" Round 1 | Season 10

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“The encounter rate you will witness in this feature is over the top. From the shear number of encounters to the wildly close stalks. It’s a raw documentation of everything gone wrong and everything gone right.”


Bowhunting has low points no doubt. Mature Whitetails are a one of a kind animal with an immense amount of wit and low tolerance for BS. Bowhunting these incredible animals face to face on ground level is setting yourself up for all the good, bad, and ugly. 

Round 1 of “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” takes you through a ride like nothing the crew has ever documented. As the games kicked off from day one catching a break was a never ending phenomenon.

In this installment, the crew journeys to the river bottoms of Iowa, prairies of Kansas, bluffs of Wisconsin and MINNESOTA in search of the elusive.

As always the raw and real truth of what actually occurred is depicted.

We Appreciate Your Support and Hope You Enjoy,


This production was directed and produced for the people, sport, and future of hunting, representing the story lines of common hunters. Whitetail Adrenaline is a sponsor free company and does not endorse or promote any company, product or organization; the company is supported solely by the people. The footage within this feature is not found on TV anywhere. The characters presented are not professionals. This feature was intentionally directed as such.