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"Relentless" Round 2

Run Time: 2 3/4 Hour | 1 Disc

“Mostly New Hunts with Great Variety, Laughter, and Success!”       

Every successful do-it-yourself hunter knows that being relentless is what makes the difference. The difference sometimes of being successful or not successful.

Round 2 of “Relentless” features a journey of exactly that, it’s a never give up never give in mentality. This installment features several new hunts with adverse situations, epic adventure, and some tags punched. The crew heads to the Mountains of Colorado, Draws of Kansas, and the Hills/Rivers of Iowa in search of the elusive.

As always the raw and real truth of what actually occurred is depicted.

We Appreciate Your Support and Hope You Enjoy,


- Jared Scheffler and The Crew