"The Preliminary Run", "Scratchin' the Surface", & "Out of Bullets" DVD Bundle | Seasons 1-3

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Bundle includes: "The Preliminary Run", "Scratchin' the Surface", & "Out of Bullets" | Seasons 1-3

"The Preliminary Run"

Filmed on by-permission and public hunting lands "The Preliminary Run" is the original DVD launched by Whitetail Adrenaline.

Highly remarked for being documented in an unscripted fashion featuring common everyday people having a great time and getting wild in the field. It incorporates a Do-It-Yourself style approach to whitetail hunting with plenty of humor and twists of entertainment.

Highlights of this video include a public land canoe hunt, several ground stalks, and big bucks getting rattled in close. The good, bad, and ugly is shown giving it the real life relatability viewers have grown to enjoy about a Whitetail Adrenaline video.

We hope you enjoy the first video ever released by Whitetail Adrenaline! Thanks for your support!

"Scratchin' the Surface"

"Scratchin' the Surface" was the first all public land dvd ever released by Whitetail Adrenaline and kicked off the all public land series.

This video is sure to go down as one of the Most Relatable Hunting Videos ever produced for the public land hunter. It really showed and depicted the struggles that can come with hunting public land. One of the most talked about spot and stalks Whitetail Adrenaline has ever filmed is featured on this video. That spot and stalk filmed in 2008 ignited the ground pounding action documented each year by the fellas at Whitetail Adrenaline. Aside from that stalk there's also some treestand sitting, deer driving, jump shooting hunts captured as well as other hunters pushing deer. It's as real as it gets for so many people in the public land world!

We hope you enjoy the first all public land video Whitetail Adrenaline ever produced! Thanks for your support!

"Out of Bullets"

An all public land, entertainment style unscripted reality. That's the best way to describe "Out of Bullets".

This title is filled with new twists and adventures that to our knowledge has never before been collaborated in the industry", says Jared Scheffler, producer of Whitetail Adrenaline.

Loaded with lots of ground hunting, deer drives, and a tenacious approach with a unique and repulsive sense of realness. Documented with an abundance of challenges, successes, and failures "Out of Bullets" is sure to be watched many times over.

We hope you enjoy the second all public land video from Whitetail Adrenaline! Thanks for your support!